Thursday, May 21, 2015

Christine Bruno At May 13th's New York Posse Meeting

New York Posse member Christine Bruno:
I know I had a breakthrough last week and really want to keep investigating with our posse and work toward a plan that keeps me on track between our meetings.
I have been realizing the past few months - especially at last week's meeting - that I need to make this work a priority NOW!
Note from Tamar:
Christine was working with Gregg and Shawn Shafner, our newest Posse member from the dance community. They had her focusing and investigating her shin and calf muscles and how it is to instigate a new walk from in between those places.
Sometimes, a brand new focus can break through a habitual pattern and in that moment of newness, the brain seems to figure something out. Christine, as an actor, has mastered the power of concentration.
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