Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Faun-o-Blogs

This post is a link to the blog Art + Culture You Might Love on 12/20/2009. I'm including it and find it interesting because the author, Alissa Horowitz, references the alignment work with Gregg. Here's a link.


There is no mention of the shaking in this blog entry though and I asked Gregg to write something about it as it (the shaking), is what allowed for the alignment directions that Alissa references in her post. This is what he sent me.

...All this movement, termed “shaking” is purely involuntary. As my body discovers the correct pathways and what I assume are new neural connections as a result of positive alignment, my body learns that it can utilize these new pathways and release the old mechanism that had previously allowed for standing, hind-limb ambulation, running, jumping and general mobility with the effective, but less efficient, C.P. alignment. What the shaking does is soften my otherwise tense or spastic musculature to receive basic instructions such as; point your sternum down, tuck your tailbone under, close the front ribs/open the back ribs, etc...

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