Thursday, December 3, 2009

Faun Takes Manhattan

This photo (minus mosquito bites) appeared in the December 7th, 2009 issue of NEW YORK MAGAZINE. The blurb has been reproduced here verbatim.

photo by Harvey Wang

Tamar Rogoff has repeatedly embraced the idea of creating works for nondancers. She had a special challenge though, in actor Gregg Mozgala (pictured), whose movements are limited by cerebral palsy. Especially for him, Rogoff made Diagnosis Of A Faun, which explores how science and nature cpnverge. See why Oliver Sacks called Mozgala "the cerebral-palsy Nijinsky" Starting December 3 (at La Mama E.T.C.)

Didn't Nijinksy have a nervous breakdown and die peniless and alone? Perfect.

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  1. *upon gazing on the body that is Gregg Mozgala's*

    Oh. Dear. God.