Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diagnosis Of A Faun

-photo by Lori Grinker

Greetings! It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the arrival of my new piece, Diagnosis of a Faun. This piece is my version of a story ballet with ornate sets and costumes and classical music. It is inspired in part by Afternoon of a Faun, the ballet that caused such a stir at its Paris premier in 1912. Our cast includes a faun and a nymph, two doctors, a forest and an operating room. Working on the lead role of the Faun with Gregg Mozgala has been fascinating. Gregg, an extraordinary actor is transforming into an extraordinary dancer. Our daily body work addresses the enormous intelligence his body has accrued through a lifetime negotiating cerebral palsy. Spinning the choreographic challenges of balance and partnering into the creation of the unique leading role he will play, is a process we both love.

Our leading ladies, Emily Pope-Blackman and Lucie Baker are enjoying some challenges as well, as they strut from toe shoes to high heels, to bare feet, from text and acting. Their choreography tests all the body intelligence they have accrued through their lifetime of professional dance training. I am also pleased to announce the involvement of Dr. Don Kollisch, a Family Physician who will partner dancer Lucie Baker in a classical pas de deux. We are both thrilled to explore his expertise and... My fabulous production team includes Rob Eggers (Designer), Leon Rothenberg (Sound Designer), Tony Giovannetti (Lighting Designer) and Liz Filbrun (Project Manager). How lucky I am, to have been commissioned by VSA Arts and to be invited by them to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in June, 2010. Additionally, I was generously given a New York season by LaMamma, ETC, and received a Guggenheim Fellowship from which I can make a documentary of my process working with Gregg (more on this in the 2010 newsletter). We hope to see you at the performance and the Gala Reception on December 5th.


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